Qualification Criteria

  • Defending Champion-All defending champions must be sanctioned through the Brockton USBC Bowling Association, or they cannot bowl.
  • Champion Exemption-All past champions automatically qualify but must be sanctioned through the Brockton USBC Bowling Association, or they cannot bowl.
  • Association Tournament-Anyone who cashes during the BBA Championship Tournament.
  • Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament-Anyone who cashes during the HOF Classic Tournament.
  • League Champions-Any bowler that wins his/her league average title. So every league is equal from one another.
  • House Average-Any bowler who either averages 200 or higher for 72 games or more in a house league, or finished in the top 5 averages at their house.
  • Sport Average-Any bowler who averages 192 or higher for 72 games or more in a sport league.
  • Honor Scores-Any bowler who bowls an 800 series or higher.

Tournament Rules

  • There would be an entry fee of $30.
  • We would still give Masters Entry (or US Open entry).
  • One of eight bowlers cash-If 64 bowlers attend, anyone still bowling during the final 8 would cash.
  • Round 1 would now be a qualifying round of 2 games. All bowlers competing would bowl during this round. However, the defending champion would be automatically qualified for the next round. All bowlers would be seeded by their qualifying score. A maximum of 32 bowlers can make the next round and a minimum of 16 bowlers will make the next round. This will be determined by the number of entries received.
  • All head to head matches will be 2 game matches, where total pins for the two games determines the winner of the match. With one exception, Step Ladder Matches will be single game matches.(See rule 6).
  • Bowlers who qualify for the tournament will be sent a letter that they qualified and need to respond by the entry date listed on the letter.
  • Step Ladder Finals-Seeding for the Step-Ladder finals would be determined by the total pins bowled by the four remaining bowlers during all games bowled. If there is a tie then the total pins that the bowlers defeated their opponents would break the tie. If there is still a tie then a coin toss will determined the higher seed. Step Ladder Final matches are only one game matches.
  • The winner of the step ladder final is declared Bowler of the Year, and will automatically be entered into next years tournament. He/She will win a paid entry to the Masters (or the US Open), and must pay for it themselves and will be reimbursed after the tournament. The winner must meet the Masters (or US Open ) requirements to be able to bowl. They will receive half the amount for the entry if they do not qualify or choose not to attend. NO ONE else will be allowed to go with this paid entry.
  • Prize list will be determined when the total number of bowlers are determined.
  • All head to head matches, bowlers will be allowed two practice shots on each lane, and all matches will be bowled TV style.
  • The tournament will be USBC SANCTIONED and only sanction members of the Brockton USBC Bowling Association can qualify.