Sean Richard-Elected 2016 for Bowling Achievement
  • Sean has been bowling in the BBA since 2000
  • Has won 7 BBA championship tournament titles
  • High average of 237, which is the Westgate Lanes house record
  • BBA high average for a season 4 times
  • 36 300 games listed on, but has bowled over 50 total
  • 16 800 series listed on, but has bowled over 20
  • Won 2015-2016 Bay State Open Bowler of the Year
  • 3 NAT’s and 3 Bay State Open’s, as well as 2 IBA’s and 2 Peoples Tournaments
  • MA State Championship Tournament Title
Robert Hamilton (Bob)-Elected 2015 for Bowling Achievement
  • Bob has been bowling in Brockton for more than 40 years
  • He won a MA State Championship Title in 2015
  • Bob won the Brockton Enterprise Tournament of Champions
  • He won the 16 Game Marathon at Westgate Lanes
  • Bob was Runner-up at the 2012 Brockton USBC BA Bowler of the Year Tournament, also made the step ladder final 2 other times
  • He has won several Brockton USBC BA championship tournament titles, as well as, having the high association average for a season
  • Bob’s career high average is 230 in 2011. He has 13 300 games, 5 299’s, 6 800 series
  • Only BBA Bowler with multiple bowled series over 850
John "Jack" Gagne-Elected 2015 for Meritorious Service
  • Jack has been involved in bowling for more than 50 years
  • He has been coaching Jr. Bowlers at North Bowl for the past 20 years
  • Jack was President of the Brockton USBC BA from 1997-2000, and spent 8 years on the Brockton USBC board
  • Has been a league officer in many of the leagues he has been a part of over the years
Robert A. Young (Rob)-Elected 2014 for Bowling Achievement
  • Rob was the winner of the BBA Bowler of the Year Tournament in 2004 and Runner-up in 2013
  • Young bowled the only 800 series in the history of the BBA Bowler of the Year Tournament
  • Bowled in all 14 BBA BOY tournaments
  • Rob won 10 Brockton Bowling Association Championship Tournament Titles
  • He has won 2 MA State Championship Tournament Titles (2013, 2016)
  • Rob has also bowled nine 300 games, three 299's, six 11-in a rows, and three 800 series
  • Young was a finalist during the 2nd Hall of Fame Weekend Plastic Ball Tournament
  • Rob has been President of the BBA and Chairman of the Hall of Fame since 2006
  • He was a delegate the the ABC convention twice and alternate 5 times
  • Rob was the Coke Classic League Treasurer from 2002-2011
  • In 1997 he was the BBA high average leader with a 219, his career high is 233, in 2016
  • He was 2 time gold medalist at the Bay State Games
  • Rob has been a BBA board member since 1992
Harry Minassian Jr. "Junior"Elected 2014 for Meritorious Service
  • Junior has been the General Manager of Westgate Lanes for the past 25 years
  • He also is the President of the Coke Classic League and has been for the past 5 years.
  • He is very dedicated to the youth league on Saturday morning
  • Junior is more that willing to go above and beyond for any tournaments and leagues.
  • Westgate has been host to several men, ladies and kids state tournaments over the years. As well as many NEBA tournaments and multiple National Wheelchair bowling championships.
  • He also has received a Meritorious Service award for the USBC Youth Association
JOSEPH PRECOURT-Elected 2013 for Meritorious Service
  • Joe served as the Brockton Bowling Association's Secretary/ Treasurer from 1992 to 1999.
  • He also was the Mass. State Secretary/ Treasurer for 2 terms
  • Precourt was a delegate to the ABC convention several times.
  • He was tournament director for several BBA championship tournaments and 1 MA. state tournament
RYAN YELLE-Elected 2013 for Bowling Achievement
  • Ryan is the only 2 time winner of the BBA Bowler of the Year Tournament. He won in 2009 and 2012. He has made the stepladder final of the event 6 times.
  • Yelle held the record for the highest 2 game series in the BBA BOY tournament (566)
  • In 2015 Ryan won a PBA Regional Title
  • He had a 300 game during bowler of the year tournament (2009). There has only been 2 in the history of the event.
  • Ryan won 5 Brockton Bowling Association Championship Tournament Titles.
  • He also bowled eight 300 games, three 299's, two 800 series.
  • Ryan has had the association high average for the season twice.He averaged 232 in both of those seasons. That was the association record for average until last year.
  • In 1997,he bowled a 831 series which was the Taunton Tin Pin high series.
Ted Trent-Elected 2013 for Bowling Achievement
  • Ted was the first winner of the BBA Bowler of the Year Tournament.
  • He also was the first bowler to bowl an honor score during a Bowler of the Year tournament(299).
  • Trent won 6 Brockton Bowling Association Championship Tournament Titles.
  • He also bowled 12 total honor scores.
  • Ted won the bowl your way to Europe tournament.
  • Also he was league champ several times in various leagues.
  • His season highest average was 226.
MAUREEN "Mo" MORRISON-Elected 2012 for Meritorious Service
  • First bowled in the BBA in 2000 (1st year woman were allowed)
  • She was the first woman to win a BBA Championship tournament title, winning handicap all-events. She also bowled a 289 game during that event.
  • Mo also was the first woman to bowl in the BBA Bowler of the Year tournament. She is the only woman ever to have won a head to head match during the tournamentas history. She has bowled in 4 BOY tournaments, more than any other woman.
  • Mo has been involved in bowling since 1977, when she joined a morning league. She bowled two or three leagues since that time. She has been the Sec/ Treas of the Sunday Niters and NEPVA Rollers for many years. The NEPVA Rollers is a wheelchair league with the majority of the bowlers in wheelchairs. Mo started attending local association meetings. She was on the local women's board from 1979 to 1985 and served as director, sergeant at arms, 1st VP, and secretary.
  • During that time she attended lane certification classes and worked with the local associations doing lane certifications and honor scores.
  • She has been a member of the state women's board since 1985 and is currently 1st VP. She has served on every committee and is currently chairperson of the Senior Tournament and Awards.
  • During her time as a member of both the men's and women's association, she has helped run two national tournaments for the American Wheelchair Bowling Association. They were held in 1992, 2003, and 2011. This tournament involves raising $50,000 for the prize fund, banquet, and awards. The tournament is a week long event consisting of team, doubles, and singles. They also hold a Up and Down Tournament, a social and a banquet. She is currently a member of the AWBA Auxillary.
  • The nominee has a level 1 coaching certificate and has been coaching the Bantams for 7 years. She will work with the youth before and after bowling to help them learn the basics of the sport.
  • She attended her 25th Women's National Tournament and her 6th Open Tournament in 2010.
  • 1st Vice President 8
  • Director 16
  • Tri-City Positions
  • 1st Vice Pres. 1
  • Secretary 2
  • Sergeant at Arms 1
  • Director 2
  • Coach Certification
  • Level 1
  • Head Coach Bantams
  • Delegate
  • WIBC 3
  • MWBA 1
  • MWBA Team champion 1979
  • Tri-city WBA Team 6
  • Tri-city WBA Doubles/ Singles 3
  • Tri-city WBA All-events 1
  • Mixed doubles tournament 1
  • Tri-city bowler of the year 1998
  • BBA All- events champion 2000
  • Other Bowling Organizations
  • American Wheelchair Bowling Association National Tournament
  • 1992
  • Other
  • New England PVA Volunteer
  • Brockton VA Volunteer
ANTHONY ATTARDO-Elected 2012 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowled in the BBA in 1960's
  • He is a 4 TIME NEBA Championship
  • He has won a Mass. State Tournament Title
  • Tony has won several BBA Championship tournament titles.
  • Attardo has bowled three sanctioned 300 games, two 299's,
  • one 298 and three 800 series.
  • He is a bronze level coach who has worked with Jr. bowlers both at Boston Bowl and at Westgate Lanes
DAN ROBINSON-Elected 2011 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowled in the BBA in 1970's
  • He is a NEBA Championship
  • Dan has won 4 MA State Championships.
  • Has had the Association highest average for a season twice including in 1979 when he averaged 219
  • He has won several BBA Championship tournament titles, including 16 since 1999.
  • He won the Brockton Enterprize Tournament of Champions twice.
  • Robinson has bowled four 300 games, two 299's, two 298's and two 800 series.
  • He also finished 4th in the Bowler of the Year Tournament back in 2004-2005.
WILLIAM "Bill" MAJOR-Elected 2010 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowled in the BBA in 1987
  • Bill won the 13th Annual Brockton Bowling Association Bowler of the Year Tournament (2013)
  • He is a NEBA Championship
  • Bill has won 2 MA State Championships.
  • Tied for the record Association highest average for a season (232) in 2004-2005.
  • Has had the Association high average for the season 3 times.
  • Bill has won 4 BBA Championship tournament titles.
  • He won the Cambridge Classic at Mohegan Sun
  • Major has had close to 50 total honor scores over his 20 plus years of bowling including 13 sanctioned 300 games during the decade of the 2000's.
  • He also finished as the runner-up for the 1st Annual Hall of Fame Classic Tournament (The Plastic Ball Tournament)
FRED DELFINO-Elected 2009 for Meritorious Service
  • Fred was the Manager of North Bowl for 33 years
  • Delfino was the President of NEBA, when it's first tournament was held in 1963.
  • He was instrumental in starting the junior program at North Bowl.
STEVE TRAVERS-Elected 2009 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowled in the BBA in 1976
  • Has won each event multiple times during BBA Association Championship Tournament,
  • Four-Time NEBA Championship
  • Steve has won 4 MA State Championships
  • His highest average for a season was 227 in 1987-1988, which was the BBA record until 2000-2001
  • Travers has bowled 17 sanctioned honor scores
  • In 1988, Steve trained with Team USA, after finishing in the top 24 in the country and advanced to the Olympic Festival in Oklahoma.
JOHN ELLIS-Elected 2009 for Bowling Achievement
  • John first bowled in the 1985
  • Ellis was the BBA bowler of the year in 2005
  • He has won 1 Team Championship during BBA Association Championship Tournament
  • Six-Time NEBA Championship-- Last one at Westgate 12/2008
  • John has won 13 State Championships- 4 MA. 8 NH. 1 CT.
  • His highest average for a season was 224 in 2000-2001
  • He has bowled 11 300's 4 299's 5 11 in a row's
  • John has worked in the bowling business for 20 years, helping to promote the sport to all levels of bowlers
JIM FERGUSON-Elected 2009 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowled in the BBA in 1980
  • BBA bowler of the year in 2004
  • Has won 8 Championships during BBA Association Championship Tournament 5 Team, 1 singles, 2 Doubles
  • One NEBA Championship (1997)
  • LBT 1993 Westgate Lanes
  • Bowled 299 game at 2004 BOY Tournament and also a 554 (2-game series) which is the highest in tournament history
  • Bowled a 300 game during 1990 BBA Association Doubles
  • Jim's highest average for a season was 229 in 2015-2016
  • Won a Mass State Doubles Title in 2016 with Danny Khuu and the two bowled the only combined 600 game in tournament history
  • Won a Mass State Title in 2015, Bowled a 300 game during the Team event of tournament
  • He has bowled 5 300's 3 299's 4 11 in a row's
  • Was active in 1979 -1981 helping VA hospital patients with their bowling
ROLLY SAVIGNANO-Elected 2008 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowl in the BBA in 1959
  • Has won 4 Championships during BBA Association Championship Tournament -2 Team, 1 singles and 1 doubles
  • Rolly's highest average for a season was 202
  • Rolly won the Brockton Enterprize Tournament twice
  • Rolly appeared on Local TV show "Tenpin Time" two times
  • Bowled 2 300's, one during the 60's, 2 299's and a 298 game
  • Won 10 league championship, and averaged over 190 several times during the 60's and 70's
  • Started bowling in 1946-retired in 2007 (over 60 years)
ED ROBERTS-Elected 2008 for Bowling Achievement
  • Ed has been elected to the MA. State Hall of Fame
  • He has won 5 Championships during BBA Association Championship Tournament -3 Team, 1 singles and 1 All-Events.
  • At the 50th Annual Championship, Ed's team won the handicap tem championship, lead by his 816 scratch series during the team event.
  • Roberts is a Seven-Time NEBA Championship
  • Ed has won MA State Championships-
  • His career highest average for a season was 228
  • Ed was a member of TEAM USA in 1995
  • Ed has won several events:
  • World Team Challenge Grand Championship, also 3 other regional WTC titles. International Senior Champion, Punta Cana Senior Champion, Bangkok Doubles and Team Champion, World Ranking Masters Finalist in Kuwait, and High Roller Champion
  • 20+ USBC Championship Tournament Average over 205
  • In 2015, Ed became the oldest person to win a regular NEBA Title
  • He also works for Storm Bowling Products
IYUB ASACKER-Elected 1984 for Bowling Achievement
  • Iyub maintained a 190+ average for numerous years.
  • He provided outstanding service, leadership and guidance to the growth of the Knights of Columbus Bowling League.
  • Asacker won numerous High Average and High Game awards.
  • He was past President of numerous leagues.
  • Iyub was a officer and director of the BBA.
  • He was sanctioned bowler for over 40 years.
  • Iyub would give his time to organizations and programs, and like to help others.
RENE DUBUC-Elected 1984 for Meritorious Service
  • Rene started as a director in the BBA in 1970.
  • He became BBA President in 1980, and served until 1982. He stayed on as a director after his term had been finished.
  • Dubuc was instrumental in organizing leagues, working with the youth and promoting tournaments.
  • He wrote about bowling in the local newspaper, and became a member of the Bowling Writer's Association of America.
George Ellis "BILL" Fisher Jr.-Elected 1982 for Bowling Achievement
  • Began bowling in the City Ten Pin League at Crescent Lanes, at the age of 16.
  • Bill bowled the first Brockton Bowling Association 800 series. He bowled a 808 at Westgate Lanes in January 1972.
  • Fisher won two MA. State Championship. He won the All-Events in 1961 with a 1845 scratch. In 1964, Bill won the state doubles with Dave Dodd, their total was 1261.
  • Bill won the Enterprize Tournament 4 times.
  • He appeared on local bowling shows multiple times.
  • Fisher averaged over 190 several times and help win several team and individual awards.
  • Bill served as a league officer many times.
  • He also owned and operated Bill Fisher Pro Shop.
CARL "Cully" HAGG-Elected 1982 for Bowling Achievement
  • Cully was a member of the BBA for over 40 years
  • He bowled until he was 79 years of age.
  • Hagg was the city champion in 1947.
  • He also was champion of the Crescent Ten Pin many times.
  • Cully was high average bowler of the City Pin League 3 times.
  • He was a charter member of the Westgate Ten Pin League
  • Hagg won the Enterprize Tournament 4 times.
  • Due to lack of early records the accuracy of his talents are not completed.
  • Cully passed a short time before his induction and his wife Jenny accepted this honor on his behalf.
DONALD LAMB-Elected 1980 for Meritorious Service
  • Don was on the ABC Local Board, starting in 1961.
  • He was the Association Secretary for over 20 years.
  • Lamb was President of the MA. State Board on two occasions.
  • Don also was the tournament director for two MA. State Tournaments. Also was tournament director for one Junior State Tournament.
  • Lamb was always quiet but firm in his actions.
  • He kept the BBA together with his hard work and determination to the game.
  • Don was always there when called upon, whether it was a large undertaking or a small administrative problem.
  • He would travel anywhere at anytime to take care of the duties of his office.
  • He never hesitated to do lane inspections needed for high scores and certifications.
GEORGE WEBB-Elected 1980 for Bowling Achievement
  • At the time of George's induction, he had been a Bowling Center Manager for 13 years, and a part owner for 9 of those years.
  • George had one sanctioned 300 game, but had the 1st 300 game at Taunton Bowl (Unsanctioned).
  • Webb was a Rhode Island State champion in Team, Doubles, Singles and All-Events.
  • He won several other tournaments including: NEBA Champion,
  • New England Singles Champion, and New England Doubles Champion
  • George had a high average of 199, and was averaging 198 at the time of his induction.
  • He was a Certified AJBC Coach.
  • Bowled several 700 series, and was a past league officer.
Acan "BUD" Hill-Elected 1979 for Meritorious Service
  • Bud was a sanction bowler with the BBA for 11 years.
  • He was very dedicated to the game and especially to the youth.
  • Hill was a league officer in many leagues holding several different positions.
  • He was a coach for the Junior Bowlers both in North Attleboro and Brockton.
  • Bud started the Junior Travel League, and was President of the Brockton Junior Bowling Association.
  • He was a delegate to the Mass. State Tenpin Bowling Association, where he was a Vice-President.
  • Bud was inducted posthumously.
William "BILL" Roberts-Elected 1979 for Bowling Achievement
  • Bill at the time of his induction had been a member of the BBA for over 40 years.
  • Roberts won the Brockton Enterprize Tournament 5 times
  • He was also a member of the New England Team Champions in 1950, and also held the New England Singles Championship title.
  • In 1961, Bill was a member of a team that won the Massachusetts State Championship and the Brockton Bowling Association Championship.
  • He had a high sanctioned game of 290, and also averaged over 200 for a season at the Walk-Over club and Inter Club.
  • Bill also bowled several 700 series, including two during the same week.
Rev. THOMAS AIREY-Elected 1978 for Meritorious Service
  • Rev. Airey was better known as "Fred"
  • The reverend was instrumental in organizing the Council of Chruches Bowling League at North Bowl.
  • His All-Saints Episcopal Church had 2 Mens teams in the Thursday Night League and also 4 Womens teams in different league at North Bowl.
  • He scheduled a bowling night in each quarter of the Church Couples Club activities.
  • Rev. Airey spent 15 years in the Brockton area, 5 of which he was a sanctioned bowler.
  • His induction was posthumous and was accepted by David Palmer and Lawrence Gower, both of which were the reverend's sons-in-law.
ROBERT J. YOUNG (Bob)-Elected 1978 for Bowling Achievement
  • First bowler in the BBA in 1959
  • Bowled BBA's first 300 game 12-18-1961
  • Finished the 1968-1969 season with a 204 average, the first average above 200 in association history
  • Has won a number of Championships during BBA Association Championship Tournament-including 1 during 2008 and 1 in 2009, and a Team championship during the 50th Annual Championship
  • Bob won the Brockton Enterprise Tournament in 1978, He also finished 2nd a record 5 times
  • Bowled 2 300's, a 299 in 1975, and a 290 in 2009
  • Has been part of the BBA as a board member since the 60's
  • Has been Asst. Sec/Treas multiple times as well as Sec/Treas on multiple occasions
  • Bob was the Association Manager for the BBA and for the MA State Bowling Association
  • Elected to MA State Bowling Association Hall of Fame in 2015
FRANK OCCHIPINTI-Elected 1977 for Meritorious Service
  • Frank was President of the BBA from 1961 to 1967, however passed on before he could finish his term.
  • He was a sanctioned bowler for 12 years, and he was very devoted to the game during that time.
  • Occhipinti was AJBC President and a Vice President to the Massachusetts State Ten Pin Association.
  • He was the organizer of the Italian-American Veteran's Bowling League.
  • He was lent his support to bring the 4th Annual State Tournament to Southeastern Massachusetts.
  • Frank was inducted posthumously and his honor was accepted by his son Frank.
GEORGE KLIM-Elected 1977 for Bowling Achievement
  • George was one of the greatest bowlers Brockton had in its history.
  • Klim was a former K of C Champ, Classic League Champ, and City Champion.
  • George won the Enterprize Tournament in 1946, 1948, 1952 and 1953.
  • He held the Enterprize Tournament Record for Championships, until 1975.
  • He was one of Brockton's first 200 average bowlers.
  • At one time, George held Westgate's house record for high series with a 750.
  • George had a high average of 220 in 1948.
  • He also was a "A" bowler in candlepins.
CHARLES PEEL-Elected 1976 for Meritorious Service
  • Charles was a former President of the National Duckpin Congress in 1958. He was the first Massachusetts President.
  • Peel split his services between Tenpins and Duckpins and was a professional Secretary/ Treasurer.
  • He handled three leagues in Tenpins, but never tossed a ball.
  • In 1968, he was honored by the Massachusetts Duckpin Bowling Proprietors and, in 1976 by the National Duckpin Bowling Congress as he was put into those Halls of Fame posthumously.
Dr. Merton (Mickey) E. Sawtell-Elected 1976 for Meritorious Service
  • Dr. Sawtell was the 1st President of the Brockton Bowling Association, in 1936.
  • He was the principal organizer of the BBA.
  • Mickey was responsible for getting the local bowling lanes to standardize then for certification.
  • He also was the Commerical Club Champion many times.
  • Dr. Sawtell was a posthumous selection to the BBA Hall of Fame.
ANTHONY CERCI-Elected 1976 for Bowling Achievement
  • Anthony was a member of the Bates Grip Team with Dr. Reid, that was the first the bowl in the ABC Championship Tournament during the 1930's
  • Cerci won the 1st Massachusetts State Doubles Championship with Harry Morgan in 1960.
  • He also won a second MA. State Doubles Title with Joe Picanzo. They bowled a state tournament record 1358. Tony was the only 2 time winner of that event.
Dr. Lyle (Doc) E. Reid-Elected 1976 for Bowling Achievement
  • Dr. Reid was the first Secretary-Treasurer of the BBA
  • He was also a member of the Bates Grip Team which was the first to bowl in the ABC Championship Tournament in Indianapolis, Indiana during the 1930's.
  • Doc bowled an 830 series in 1951.
  • He had more 700 series than any other Brockton bowler during his time period.
  • Doc was the Inter-Club Champion many times
  • Dr. Reid had a 12 year run of perfect attendance in the YMCA league, a 20 team league that bowled 5 nights a week on a four lane installation.